Nurture Groups

A vital role of the Church in the Parish and local community is to provide, in addition to the regular services in Church, opportunities for teaching of the principles of Christian doctrine and life through the medium of bible study, group fellowship, prayer and worship. How can we get to know each other properly in a normal church setting? How can we raise doubts about our faith? How can we delve into complex issues? How can we support each other? The answer lies in small groups. Steve Turville spoke about the importance of Nurture Groups (or "House Groups") as the basis of personal growth in the Christian life, and for the development of the Church supported by the spiritual gifts of its members.

Listen to his sermon here.

An article by Prebendary Richard Bewes on the importance of home groups in the life of the Church is well worth re-reading.

A number of such Nurture Groups meet during the week in our Parish on a regular basis and are open to all who wish to take part.  

Listed below are those currently in existence, with some idea of the style and content of their content. But we are not satisfied with just these groups listed here. Our hope is that it will become the norm for us all to be members of at least one such  group. On 4th September 2016, The Spotlight at the morning service was shone on the current set of groups - you can listen to the brief presentations here.

For more information about joining or forming a Group, contact  [hidden].

The list of Nurture Groups as at September 2016 is as follows

With more details about them in the sections which follow. Normally weekly, except where indicated. Variations from normal are usually advertised in the Parish Notice Sheet and/or the Website Calendar. Or contact the Group Leader.


  • Ladies Bible Study, 9.30am at the Vicarage. Contact Camilla Cook 940 2202
  • 7, Braybrooke Gardens Group, Fortnightly, 8.00pm. Contact Alan Baird 940 1182
  • Sundays revisited, 7.30-9.15pm, Contact Linda Caradine 940 4231
  • Teens Group. 7.00-9.00pm. Contact Katie Blades 940 3119


  • Butterflies for pre-schoolers and their carers. 1st and 3rd Wednesday mornings of the month during school term time. Songs, stories, crafts and refreshment. Contact Camilla Cook 940 2202.  
More details
  • Wargrave Court Group, 7.30-9.00pm. Contact Verna Houghton 940 2833
  • Pints of View for Men, 7.45-10.00pm (food & a pint). Contact Guy Laschinger 940 6308


  • Ephesians 1:17 Group. 8.00-9.30pm. Contact Steve Turville 901 6720
  • Hannen Room Group 7.45-9.00pm. Coffee, cake and Bible exploration. Contact Steve Cooper 0788 915 3086


  • Ladies Breakfast. 1st Saturday of the month. 9.00-10.45am. Contact Linda Caradine 940 4231

If you have no experience of nurture groups but would like to join one, please contact the people listed above for help and advice, or speak to John Cook or Steve Turville..

Wargrave Court Group

Meets Wednesdays at the home of Verna Houghton, or elsewhere by agreement.    Led by group members. Contact   Jane Shaw 0118 940 2380

The Group will take a fresh look at the sermon from the preceding Sunday at St. Mary's. The sermon can be heard again by visiting the Recorded Sermons page  and clicking on the date of the required sermon.

Anyone and everyone is welcome - at any time, whenever you would like to come. We meet at Wargrave Court from 7.30 to 9.15 pm (or so), starting with a cup of coffee/tea, chat and singing. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly as we unlock the Bible together in an easy, practical and uplifting manner, more often than not with a good sense of humour!  Housegroup is a time when we can share our joys and grief, and pray for each other, as wanted.

Our programme has  previously included:

  • Bible Characters, e.g. Joseph, Hosea
  • Topics, e.g. miracles, parables, and angels
  • Bible Books, e.g. a gospel, one of Paul's letters, or Ecclesiastes.
  • Films, such as "Faith like Potatoes" (very good), and "Martin Luther"

We also have suppers and BBQs

Comments from the Group include "very friendly", "welcoming from day one", "kind", "supportive", "the Group has made me think of things I have never thought of before", and "I look forward to coming".

So ... why don't you give us a try - you would be very welcome.

Thursday Night Groups

The Ephesians 1.17 Group meets 7.30 for 8-9.30 pm every Thursday and is hosted by Jane Shaw and Chris Perry, under the leadership of Steve Turville. 

‘I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know Him better.’

Contact Steve Turville - 0118 901 672

Women's Bible Study

Meets at the Vicarage, 9.30 -11.30 am during term time, led by [hidden]. 

Over coffee we read and study the Bible together and then have a time of prayer. We try to understand what God is saying in his Word and how that might apply to us today. A constant refrain seems to be "This is so relevant!"  In our discussion we are challenged and enriched, but also helped and encouraged by other women in the group as we share how God is at work in our own lives. We finish with sharing answers to prayer and praying for one another. We are a group of varying ages and always welcome newcomers. Some of us are new Christians, and some have been Christians for many years, but wherever you are coming from you would be welcome. You might like to "dip your toe in" over a couple of sessions to see what we're about.


For pre-schoolers and their carers. First and third Wednesdays of the month during school term time in the Church.  Lots of toys, refreshments, songs, stories and crafts. More details here

Braybrooke Gardens Group

Meets alternate Tuesdays at 7, Braybrooke Gardens the home of Rosie Creedon. Led by Alan Baird we tend to spend a number of weeks studying a book, either Bible commentaries or books on a range of topics related to living out the Christian faith. Our no-holds-barred discussion is enhanced by coffee, cake and gossip and we should be delighted to welcome new members.   .  Contact Alan Baird 0118 940 1182.  

This Group started out as "The Vicarage House Group" (where we met) and was formed in the 1990s by Martin Partridge in response to requests for a forum to study the history of the Church and its teaching. Under his guidance we started by reading "The Making of the Church" by Frances M. Young. Over the years, under the tutelage of, successively, Jane Knowles, Peter Akehurst, and Bob Whiteley, we have explored such authors as Karen Armstrong, John Austin Baker, Richard Harries, Gerard Hughes, John Pritchard, Jonathan Sacks, Keith Ward, Jeffrey John and Tom Wright, and even an anthology called "Heresies and how to avoid them".


Christianity Explored and Discipleship Explored

Courses running for several weeks at least once a year. See separate page for details and plans.