Annual Parochial Church Meeting

The Annual Meeting to review 2020 will take place on Sunday 5th July after the 10.30am service.

The Annual Meeting for 2019, which was due to take place back in April, took place on Sunday 27th September 2020 after the 9am Morning Worship service at St Mary's.


During the meeting, the following documents were reviewed:
Annual Parish Report for 2019.pdf    
Signed accounts for 2019.pdf   

2019 Annual Parochial Church Meeting

At the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM), the following agenda was followed:

  • The Annual Meeting of Parishioners to elect two Churchwardens for each Church.

This was then followed by the APCM. The main aspects to this meeting were:

  • Presentation of reports on the life of the Church during 2019
  • Presentation and review of the full inspected and approved Financial Accounts
  • Presentation of the Parish Electoral Roll - in separate sections for Wargrave and for Knowl Hill/Warren Row.
  • Election of Deanery Synod Representatives and PCC members 
  • Appointment of Sidespeople


A copy of the draft minutes can be found here:

The next APCM is due to take place in April 2021.