Site Guidance

This section provides advice and guidance on how Church Members can Register for membership of the site, and then Log in to access its facilities. Visitors who have not yet Registered are welcome to explore the general information about the Parish, its churches, its key people and its activities.

Membership of the Website

As is normal now with many Church sites, and also with the vast majority of commercial and social sites, much of its content is only available to church members who have "registered" and "logged in" to the site. This will require you to take simple action to "come inside" the site. It will also allow us to maintain "restricted" areas which are only accessible to members of smaller groups - for instance to PCC members. On the other hand, most of the material contained within the pages can be updated by those church members who have responsibility for the corresponding activities and the way they are presented.

As is common practice with websites for which individual "members" register, you are also asked to acknowledge the standard "Terms and Conditions" which summarise the formal relationship between You the User and the Parish as the Data Administrator.

If this is your first visit and have not previously registered your membership of the site:

  • Click on the "Register" button at the top of the page, and then enter your email address or mobile phone number. If either of these is already known to the system (e.g. you have been in contact with the Parish by either means in the past), then you will immediately be sent an email or text message with a numeric "confirmation code". If the system does not have this information for you on file, there will be a delay awaiting a human intervention from a Webmaster, but the result will eventually be the same. Note that this email may on its first appearance be treated as Spam by your computer software, so if there is no response, have a look in your "junk" folder, and instruct it to accept such messages in the future. 
  •  When you have received a Confirmation Code, Click on the "Login" button, and enter the code to identify yourself. (Note that the validity of the Code is restricted to 60 minutes, so if you have not actioned it in time, please repeat the process). You also need to enter a username of your choice, and a personal password - preferably something which contains numbers as well as letters. (The Password acceptance process can be rather pernickety about the security of the password - avoid recognisable words, for instance).
  •  A first time user should now click on "Profile" in the Members Area menu. You may fill in or amend any personal data by clicking on the "edit" command which appears when you hover over each section of data. You can use various entries to control whether or not you wish your details to be seen and used by other church members who have also logged in to the site. You may upload a Photo of yourself to help others identify you in person!

Subsequently, this is how you "Log In":

  • At the top of the screen, click on the "Login button, and follow the instructions in the box which appears. The blue "question mark" button gives access to this "Site Guidance" page with information on aspects of registering and logging in.
  • If you have previously "Registered" your membership, enter your "username" and "password" and proceed. (If you forget either of these, please contact the Webmaster and he may be able to help you!) 
  • Once you have logged in, your name will appear in the panel at the foot of the page and remain there throughout the session, and you will find that the number of Menu items available to a Church member in the heading line will have increased.
  • If you tell it to "Remember your password", then provided you do not  Logout after a session, the site will not request a fresh Login next time this computer is used to visit the site. (But don't do this if anyone else can use the computer) 

Any problems or suggestions, contact the Office:

The Parish Office                          0118 940 2300