A Letter from the Vicar - The Revd. John Cook

I am delighted to confirm that the 21 Century Project has reached the stage of development at which we can progress to an Appeal for funds.  The launch date of Sunday 3 of November 2013 was marked by the start of the distribution of copies of the brochure. This describes in some detail the needs of our Church for change, the plans for expansion of our facilities and the cost involved in achieving these objectives. 

Along with the members of our PCC and our Project Team, may I encourage you to consider carefully and prayerfully how you may be able to make your contribution to this Project?  If you have questions on any aspect please contact Bob Austen, the Appeal Coordinator, or myself. 

Donations will be gratefully received and we encourage you to complete the Gift Aid form in order to gain maximum value from your contribution. 

We look forward to hearing from you and in pursuing our aspirations for improvement of our church facilities and the buildings.

On 3rd November, John Cook preached a sermon on Mark 12:41-44  - the passage best known as the incident of "The Widow's Mite" - where Jesus compared the differing approaches to giving to God's work by the rich and the poor. You may listen to it again here. . 

Making or Promising Donations.  

imagegiftaiddeclaration.pdf  You may download this Donation and Gift Aid Form, complete it and send it to The Parish Office as shown at the bottom of the form. You may send your donation with it, or by BACS transfer to our Bank. 

You may make a direct on-line donation through our BT  mydonate account.

If you wish to stage your donation over a number of tax years, or  discuss other ways of giving, do contact the .

Fund Raising

In addition to this programme of inviting direct Donations to the Project, the Appeal team arranged a series of open events during 2014, to encourage a wide range of members of the village community to contribute funds, and at the same time maintain awareness of the needs of the Appeal. Click here for the results of this programme

Project Costs

The reordering of the Nave was completed in May 2015 in line with English Heritage guidance and the requirements of the Diocesan Advisory Committee. These costs are inclusive of all related fees and VAT, which has been.recovered in those instances which qualified for reimbursement in accordance with current regulations.

Phase One - Reordering of the Nave Budgetary Figure -  £150,000
          Heating System£42,000 
          Audio-Visual system £48,000 
          Developing a CrècheGlazed screen with arched oak frame£25,500 
 Panelllng & Storage in Crèche area£8,500 
           Nave panels, floor polishing & carpets£15,000 
          Fees £10,000 
Total - Phase One £145,000 
Phase Two - Building the AnnexeBudgetary Figure - £400,000 
 (Including contingency reserve)  
TOTAL 21C Project £545,000