Thought of the Week - 12th May 2021

Pre read: Exodus 15:2

Dear Friends, 

We hope you’ve had a good week. This Thursday 13 is Ascension Day, when we remember Jesus’s return to heaven. When he left his disciples, he told them to return to Jerusalem and wait for the Father to baptize them with the Holy Spirit. On Sunday 23 May we will mark that event, (called Pentecost) when the Father sent the Holy Spirit on those first disciples giving them miraculous healing powers and enabling them to speak in other languages so that the good news of Jesus could spread to the nations.

Since 2016, this time between Ascension and Pentecost has become a special 11 days of prayer for people to come to know Jesus Christ. Millions of Christians from churches all over the world join in this time of praying for God’s Kingdom to come in the lives of those they know. 

This week we invite you to do the same.  All the information for 'Thy Kingdom Come' is on this website under What's On. The prayer diary gives space for you to write down the names of your loved ones so that you can pray for them at the beginning and end of each day, using the example prayers if you wish. Sometimes it feels that we can’t do much, especially when ‘locked down’, but something we can all do is pray.

Bible Readings

Click to read the Bible readings for the week: Acts 1:1-5  John 7:25-43

Please pray for

  • For the nation of India, and nations like them, overwhelmed by Coronavirus 
    For the the sick; especially Nicholas Roynon (praying too for Patsy and Nicholas's family)
  • That people will be sensible as restrictions are lifted further on 17th May
  • That where there is discord in families and communities, God will bring peace and reconciliation
  • For those on waiting lists for medical treatment
  • For all who mourn