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We recommend that you look at the slides as you listen to the talks. This is especially true for week 5, when a number of graphs were shown, but it will help you to follow all of the talks.

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2 March

Bible overview

SteveTurville & Mike Buckland

Steve introduced the series, and then Mike looked at what the Bible says about God's creation and our part in it.

Slides: Series Introduction 

Song: "Creation Calls" written and sung by Brian Doerksen    

Slides: Biblical Introduction

Recording of Session:

Creation - Week 1 Part 1Play | Download |
Creation - Week 1 Part 2Play | Download |


Slides Summary

Bible Discussion Points

Creation Verses



9 March

Food & Shopping

Revd Christine Bainbridge

Christine Is an Associate Priest of St John & St Stephen's in Reading. She is a member of Green Christian and involved in their 'Joy in Enough' project. She considered the challenge of consumerism.

Song:  "Across the Lands" by Stuart Townend with Keith & Kristyn Getty, sung by Kristyn Getty

Slides: Challenge of Consumerism   

Recording of Session:  

Creation - Week 2Play | Download |


9 Ways to Live Gently

Use Your Loaf


16 March


Dr David & Jane Fulford

David lectured at Reading University for 23 years before setting up Kingdom Bioenergy with his wife Jane. They challenged how we think about energy from a biblical perspective, drawing on their experience with biogas research and the Church Mission Society. They are members of St James Church in Woodley.

Song:  "How Great Thou Art" by Carl Gustav Boberg

Slides: Energy  

Recording of Session:

Creation - Week 3Play | Download |

Video Clips: 

(Note - these clips are to be viewed on VIMEO, with the password "creation")

Nepal Biogas


CMC - Vellore Recycling Centre   

Session Synopsis:

Fulford Synopsis

Romans 8

Bible Study

Biogas Case Study


23 March

Wildlife & How We Treat It


Mike Is a volunteer wildlife recorder for Wokingham Borough Council, BBOWT, British Dragonfly Society and others, and has provided advice for Wargrave’s Mumbery Hill and Chalk Pit nature reserves. He will help us think through our relationship with wildlife in the light of biblical teaching. He worships at St James Church in Woodley.

Song:  "Morning has Broken", written by Eleanor Farjeon, sung by Orla Fallon

Slides: BIblical Stewardship of Wildlife

Recording of Session  

Creation - Week 4Play | Download |



Psalm 104 Biodiversity Study

Endangered UK wildlife 


30 March

Travel & Transport

Dr Martin & Revd Margot Hodson

Martin Is a plant scientist and environmental biologist at Oxford and Oxford Brookes Universities, and Operations Director for the John Ray Initiative, connecting environment, science & Christianity. He and his wife Revd Margot Hodson, Rector of the Benefice of Wychert Vale in Buckinghamshire, will challenge us to think about how we travel. They have published on all topics in this series. See for more details. 

Song:  "Creation Calls" written and sung by Brian Doerksen

Slides:  Transport and Travel    

Recording of Session and Panel Discussion 

Creation - Week 5 Part 1 (Travel & Transport) Play | Download |
Creation Week 5 Part 2 (Panel Discussion) Play | Download |


Eco Church leaflet - see A Rocha web site



Creation Care


God asks us to be good stewards of His Creation. Psalm 24 says: "The Earth is the Lord's, and everything in it." He entrusts it to our care. His first great commission to mankind was to manage the Earth well (Genesis 1:28).

In 2017 we have:

 - Preached on God's creation

Rev John Cook's series on the Psalms from 22 January to 28 February 2017 includes several on creation care, for example Psalm 8 on 22 January. The sermons link to our Life Explored course, the Lent Series "Reflections on Creation" and John's Harvest Festival sermon on creation care on 27 September 2015.

 - imageRun a Lent series on creation care in March, with guest speakers. See above.

We hope to:

 - Make our churchyard and cemetery more wildlife friendly

Download this April 2017 survey of our churchyard and cemetery by local wildlife advisor Mike Turton. This is work in progress for us. 

 - Continue to organise local rambles

 - Acknowledge regularly the preciousness of God's creation in preaching, teaching and song

 - Engage our children, for example a mini beast hunt

 - Review our energy suppliers

 - Consider applying for the Eco Church bronze award - here is an example from the BBC News

imageWe began this journey in June 2010, when Sir John Houghton (pictured) gave a talk at St Mary's Wargrave entitled 'Climate Change & Global Warming - the Science & the Christian Response'. You may download the slides here (pdf) and listen to the talk here. It triggered several initiatives in our parish: 

(1) A free audit by Solar Co-Op on 19 February 2011 of the energy and building materials we were using at St Mary's, St Peter's and the vicarage. A further audit of St Mary's by Carillion is copyright and available from Mike on request. The forthcoming extension at St Mary's took the reports into account. 

(2) Infra-red photographs of church buildings and residential homes highlighted where we could improve insulation and reduce energy bills. We are grateful to Wargrave resident Ian Bradley for taking the pictures on dark, snowy evenings free of charge for the church, and at a minimal charge for private homes, in November 2010.

(3) Solar panels on several homes, aided by the infra-red photographs and government grants. They could not be implemented at St Mary's because of the position of trees, and by-laws which insist that panels may not be visible from the ground on listed buildings in rural parishes. Further information on this topic is available in the English Heritage Guidance on Solar Panels on Churches (pdf) May 2011, and the Church of England Guidance  on Solar Panels (pdf) 2010.

(4) Better recycling in our churches, for example the replacement of non-recyclable polystyrene cups.

(5) A new audio-visual system in St Mary's, making paper less necessary at services and meetings.

(6) In the wider community, the launch of the Wargrave Transition Group. Projects have included a communal orchard on King's Acre, an biennial Apple Day, shared allotments and, with the assistance of Wokingham Borough Council and Mike Turton, nature reserves at the Chalk Pit and Mumbery Hill. One man who had grown up in Wargrave and played in the Chalk Pit as a boy was thrilled to see a deer and orchids there when he returned in 2015. Volunteers are asked to email  or phone her on 0118 940 3381. 

The following reports to the PCC mentioned these early initiatives:   August 2010  March 2011  October 2011

Recommended reading: A Christian Guide to Environment Issues, by Martin & Margot Hodson, two of our speakers for Lent this year; and Planetwise, by Dave Bookless, free copies of which were given out by our Vicar Rev John Cook in September 2015.

If you would like to help us in caring for our environment, please contact .

Useful links

Conservation Organisations
A Rocha                       Christian nature conservation organisation, stewards of the Eco Church award

Caring for God's Acre  Advice on churchyards and burial grounds

Christian Ecology Link  Portal for UK environmental issues

Greater Reading Environmental Network       Local chat forum

Green Christian            Network of "ordinary Christians in extraordinary times"

Operation Noah            Informing churches on climate change issues in the UK

In and Around the Home
Ecotopia                       Environmentally friendly shopping

True Food Co-Op         Ethically sourced groceries in our area

Recycle Now                What you can recycle where

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