Eco Church

imageThe Bible entrusts mankind to be good stewards of our world. Psalm 24 says: "The Earth is the Lord's, and everything in it." Genesis tells us that God loves every and that His first commission to mankind was to care for the Earth.

We seek to:

  • Learn the value of God's creation through teaching, prayer and worship
  • Use recyclable and biodegradable materials wherever possible
  • Minimise the use of paper in worship and communications
  • Use sustainable materials in the construction of the St Mary's Church Centre
  • Choose environmentally friendly energy suppliers
  • Do all we can to make our churchyard and cemetery wildlife friendly
  • Engage children through wildlife activities
  • Support the Mill Green conservation area and nature reserves in the parish
  • Continue to organise local rambles 
  • Participate in local conferences such as this one in Reading on 28 April 2018
  • Work towards an Eco Church bronze award

For more information, or for details of the series of reflections, bible studies and talks we ran on creation care in Lent 2017, contact Mike Buckland on .
For more information on Eco Church awards visit image