The most recent set of Annual Accounts for 2016 will be presented at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting in April 2017, and can be downloaded  here . A copy of the images and notes used by Jane Wills in her presentation can be downloaded from the same page,

The major source of income for our Churches comes through the giving by members under the Christian Stewardship scheme, currently known as "Giving in Grace". 

Meeting the Needs

However, a Church building, like St. Mary's, St Peter's or St. Paul's, is an important element of the whole Village, with both historical value for its architecture, and current value as a place where the whole community can gather for public occasions, and celebrate the events of our family lives, especially baptisms, weddings and funerals. The cost of maintaining such buildings can not be wholly met by the worshipping Christian community, and others in the Village are willing and able to contribute to these needs, either for general expenditure, or to meet a particular requirement. In recent years at St. Mary's, these have included repairs to the Church clock, the restoration of the Organ, resurfacing the drive across Mill Green, and as a major ongoing project, upgrading St Mary's building for wider and more flexible use in the 21st Century.. 

Direct donations are always welcomed by the Treasurer and also "deferred" donations in the form of legacies.